Woman in Trade

Barrie Chamber Women in Business Awards 2023 | Barrie Chamber of Commerce


For the woman in trade who has broken barriers in their field and excelled to new levels. This person's skills and dedication to what they do shines through and makes them someone to admire for their passion for the industry, and their unwillingness to give up. She may be an owner, operator, or employee in an official trade (as per Ontario College of Trades list).


Barrie resident or owner/employee of business located in BarrieĀ or a member in good standing with the Barrie Chamber of Commerce

Must be in a trade included on the Ontario College of Trades list (https://www.skilledtradesontario.ca/about-trades/trades-information/)

Or, is a Leader within an Industry directly employing the trades (as defined above), such as but not restricted to: Construction, Industrial, Engineering, etc.

Previous judges have recommended that you use point form for your responses, rather than regular sentence/paragraph format. This will allow you to include more quality content on your achievements, without stressing about grammar or writing style.

Criterion Weight
Job Title 17.0%
My Trade Journey 17.0%
Key Achievements 25.0%
Community Involvement 17.0%
Lessons Learned 8.0%
Letters of Reference 8.0%
Overall Impression 8.0%